FAQ: For Healthcare Providers

How can I refer to the Center for Breastfeeding?

Depending upon the day of the week or the location, please refer to Contact Us section for the phone number to call for a referral.  You can also print off our brochure so that a family can call for an appointment.  Both mother and infant information is needed.

Why are both mother and baby scheduled for the appointment?

Breastfeeding issues often affect both mother and baby.  Poor latch can cause sore nipples, inefficient emptying can lead to low milk supply, etc.  It is necessary to document the history, exam, assessment and treatment for both mother and baby.   We allow about an hour for each appointment and try to provide an unrushed, comprehensive appointment.  We realize that for many families, this may mean two co-pays and we try to work with families when we know there is a financial issue.

How will I know what took place during the Center for Breastfeeding Appointment?

When we treat a baby who is the patient of a community pediatrician, our goal is to send a letter detailing the appointment.  Sometimes patients do not inform us about their providers or they do not have accurate contact information for their providers with them.  If you have a question about a visit your child had at the Center for Breastfeeding and Newborns, please contact us.

Is there a resource I can easily access for information about medications mothers may be on and how they affect the baby?

Absolutely!  Visit the Lactmed website for easy search of medications and recommendations.

Can I contact you about breastfeeding questions?

We hope you will.  One of our goals is to be a professional resource.  We try to stay up to date on the latest research with respect to human lactation.  Our network of contacts is extensive, so if we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does!